Education for Peace What Building Peace Means

Oscar Daniel Franco Conforti


The idea of a society without conflicts is not a utopia, however, no less certain is that a priori social peace is only imaginable in a world of individuals who live in a space without any shortage and who have neither ambition nor greed to try to achieve new goals or objectives, this comes to say that jurists must, from their field, make significant contributions to achieve that objective: social peace. But peace has two distinct senses: negative and positive peace. By negative peace, we will understand the absence of violence, negative peace is conflict transformation, so that violence (direct, structural and cultural) stops, full stop (and we must be very careful about that because these forms of violence are interrelated and mutually reinforcing), this concept is complemented by positive peace which is cooperation for mutual and equal benefit, and the word equal is very important here because brings us closer to the harmony concept. In that sensewell know is the Galtung’s 3Rs: reconstruction of peoples and places alter the violence, reconciliation of the parties in conflict and resolution of animosities. The present article does not seek to develop any of these issues in-depth but rather to establish the basis for understanding the concept of peacebuilding.


education for peace; peace concepts; peacekeeping; peacemaking; peacebuilding

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