Comparison of Public Perceptions of Peusijuek Tradition in Langsa City (Case Study in Gampong Geudubang Aceh and Peutic Acid)

Usman Usman, Djoko Suryo


Peusijuek is one of the traditions of the Acehnese people that is still preserved and practiced. Implemented as a form of gratitude due to marriage, circumcision, building a new house, buying a new vehicle and hajj or because of an accident due to accidents, disputes and bleeding. From the form of gratitude, it can be interpreted as an expression of gratitude and sharing happiness. Meanwhile, a disaster can be interpreted as building self-confidence and strengthening brotherhood. However, peusijuek also often create pros and cons perceptions in the community both in general and religious groups. This writing is to answer existing problems, (1) How is the implementation of peusijuek in Gampong Geudubang Aceh and gampong Asam Peutik, and (2) How is the community perception about peusijuek in gampong Geudubang Aceh and gampong Asam Peutik. In writing this thesis using ethnographic research type with a qualitative approach. The data analysis technique was carried out by the steps (1) data collection, (2) data reduction, (3) data display and (4) verification and conclusion. The results showed that the people in Gampong Geudubang Aceh and Peutik Acid in the implementation of peusijuek did not show any differences even though there were community perceptions that were both pros and cons. This is made possible by the high awareness of community members in preserving peusijuek as a cultural heritage. Community acceptance of peusijuek in both gampongs is closely related to adat. The perception of the people of Gampong Geudubang Aceh and Asam Peutik is that there are similarities to the peusijuek leadership and differences occur in the types of peusijuek, peusijuek implementation, use of tools and materials, and philosophical values.


perception; Peusijuek tradition; society

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License